The purpose of the museum shall be to collect, acquire, preserve and exhibit items of historical nature to America’s war efforts; to establish a depository for military memorabilia from all branches of the services; to preserve the history of Pampa Army Air Feild in relation to WWII; to educate each generation as to the efforts and sacrifices of war and to inscribe in their minds the cost of peace; to honor Americans in wars past; to preserve freedom by remembering the past; and to provide a tourist attraction for the City of Pampa.

john l tripplehorn”Never in the history of mankind has any country been so well served and defended as the United States by its citizen soldiers. The American soldier is renowned worldwide for his bravery, dedication to freedom,and compassion for his fellow man. In time of conflict, his heroism is unparalleled and in peacetime, he asked nothing more than the opportunity to be productive in a free society. America’s finest have performed superbly on battlefields all around the globe, but upon attaining victory, they have been of such a generous nature as to extend a helping hand to their once mortal enemy. This unique combination of bravery and compassion has made the American soldier a “one of a kind” in the annals of modern man. Now those of us who have reaped the many benefits of a free society have an opportunity to develop a museum commemorating and honoring those brave men and women who have sacrificed so much that we might be free. As a joint project, the Pampa Army Air Field Reunion Association and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1657 have joined together to make this veterans museum a reality. You now have the opportunity to become a part of this museum.”    -John L. Tripplehorn


Kurt Foster
Dennis Boyd
Johnny Achord
Charles Martin
Mike McGivern
Keith Black, D.O.

Rick Dunn
Walker Bird
Wayne Slater

Doris Robbins
Danny Martin
Eugene Taylor
Frank Liggins
Thelma Bray

John Tripplehorn

Larry Stephens

Della Moyer

Andy Epps

R. J. Howell


Della Moyer